Trimpro harvester

Among the harvesters the article by the Trimpro company take an absolute top position. Designed for advanced and professional growers these machines shine through many positive features.

While the trim box and trim box workstation are designed for semi-professional growers they still offer many benefits of the Pro versions. From adjustable blades to optimal turbulence and perfect manufacturing quality, the box versions convince in all respects. Also, the rate of 500g / h is quite impressive.

The Trimpro versions go even a step further. In quietness and application superb, just as the box versions, they are characterized by absolutely impressive technical figures. Available with up to 10,000 g / h in the case of the XL version, these shredders leae nothing to be asked for. And there is even a mobile version, including generator, the Trimpro Gasoline.

In short, the Trimpro harvesting machines are the absolute best on the market and are in all respects up to date. An impressive feat of engineering by the Canadian manufacturer.

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